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Felt Nowt is a co-operative of most comedians in the North East of England and a Community Interest Company that works to bring more comedy to the region in loads of different ways (Gigs, workshops, podcasts, books, talks...).

We have lots of goals, we want to, eventually, open a full time comedy club of our own. Until then, we want to provide more gigs for the talent in the area so that so many acts no longer feel they have to leave the North for work.

We want you to join us, we want the comedians and comedy fans to build this together.

We will be giving you as much as we can. Nothing like Felt Nowt exists anywhere in the world.

Exclusive podcasts, Nowtflix (Have you seen Nowtflix? It's AMAZING - A video on demand service full of stand up specials (And more) from great comedians, you can get that with the same login details as your Patreon if you join the fiver a month tier or above -, gig tickets, prize draws, zoom quizzes, birthday messages.

There'll be surprises too. This WILL be worth your while. Every one who joins gets emailed a membership card, a secret password and a secret handshake. We can't for you to find out what they are!

Join our club.

We'll work hard for you.