Upcoming Events

Steffen Peddie: 99 Problems but the Chips Ain't One April 23, 2021 7 p.m.


You bring a problem, Steffen supplies an answer, and lots of laughs along the way!

The show is created entirely from the audience’s suggestions and improvised on the night… it’s a comedy tightrope walk as anything can be happen!

“The comics ability to think on his feet was phenomenal and he had the audience in stitches” Yorkshire Post

Matt Hoss - Hossanova April 23, 2021 9 p.m.

The world is a mess. Only Matt can fix it (for one hour) by discussing hilarious encounters with morality, mindfulness and irresponsible plans to save Earth. Ready for a Hossanova?

Raul Kohli: The History of Newcastle April 30, 2021 6:30 p.m.

The History of Newcastle

Felt Nowt Friday #7 April 30, 2021 8 p.m.

With: Gavin Webster Cal Halbert Fran Garrity Catherine Young and host Hal Branson

Seymour Mace: Question Master April 30, 2021 9:30 p.m.

You provide the questions. I provide the answers. You might not like the answers. I might not like the questions. Anything could happen. But probably won't. I'm not really selling this that well am I? Good job I'm funny!

Joby Mageean: Shanty Prince May 7, 2021 8 p.m.


Join comedy jumble sale Joby Mageean on a swashbuckling stand up comedy adventure as he takes you on a whimsical tale of the seven seas, recounting his life as a troubadour and heir to the Shanty Throne!

'A barnstorming hour of Musical and Stand up comedy with "Hilarious Gags and Brilliantly written songs' ★★★★ ThreeWeeks

'Inspired daftness, proper gags and Charisma to spare' Chortle

Leicester Square New Comedian of the year WINNER 2016

English Comedian of the year finalist 2016

Chortle Comedians to watch 2017

Julie Grady Thomas: Bad Pancake May 7, 2021 9:30 p.m.

Hi, I’m Julie. I make loads of mistakes and hide them away. I call those Bad Pancakes. What happens when you stack up all your bad pancakes and share them with strangers? Food poisoning – obviously – but if they’re metaphorical pancakes, then joyous laughter, a newfound sense of togetherness, and a wicked fun work in progress.

PLEASE NOTE: This show will be streamed from the performers home

Cal Halbert: Elvis is in the building May 14, 2021 6:30 p.m.

A show about Elvis. Presley not Costello.

David Hadingham: Eee! and they never did naught for him! May 14, 2021 9:30 p.m.

David Hadingham keeps audiences hooked right up to the last punchline as he presents his unique and often warped view of everyday life. This gravel-voiced comic combines supremely controlled delivery with inimitable facial contortions as he cracks some of the best handmade gags in the business.

Dean Moore: Willie Thorne Looked Like Tosh From The Bill May 28, 2021 6:30 p.m.

No idea what this will be, but will definitely mention Tosh from The Bill, a goose that looks like one of Erasure and Rustie Lee

Fran Garrity: Secret Agent Fran May 28, 2021 9:30 p.m.

Fran Garrity was the only Fraud investigating comedian on the circuit. With 10 years experience behind him , find out what life is like keeping one step ahead. Follow this engaging, hilarious insight into Benefit Fraud. The unusual way of gathering evidence,the anonymous tip off’s, the court appearences, the interviews & what it’s like when someone you're actually investigating for benefit fraud turns up to your gig.

“find the opportunities & positives where we can. To make light of darker times & use them to fuel the fire of good things to come. He has recounted some of his tales of everyday life in his job role and it's genuinely hilarious. Just imagine I, Daniel Blake meets Police Academy".